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Self-Publishing Support

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If you’re an author looking to self-publish your book, then we’re here to help. We are your personal and experienced publishing team, but we're not your publisher - you own your work and keep all your royalties!


We offer: 



If you are interested in any of our services mentioned, feel free to get in touch




£12 per 1000 words


This is the process of ensuring there are no typing errors throughout the text and should take place before or alongside typesetting. Proofreading includes the review of spelling (according to regional English), punctuation, grammar, repetitions, omissions and flow of the text. 


Proofreading does not include referencing/indexing, seeking permissions, content suggestions or paragraph restructuring. However, we do provide suggestions for sentences where the current meaning is unclear/ambiguous.




£10 per 1000 words (prices vary for low content/picture books)


The interior formatting of your book contributes to the overall experience of your readers. Typesetting includes setting text, colours, images, tables, block quotes, etc. in a clear and aesthetic layout, ready for printing and distribution.


Manuscripts must have completed their final stage of editing before requesting this service. Editing after typesetting is likely to alter the layout or page numbering; consequently, there is an additional charge of £50 to re-format a book once it has already been typeset. Unfortunately, we do not provide an editing service



Cover Design / Modification

£100 to design / £50 to modify


If you require a simple cover design, we are able to create this for you (otherwise we can point you in the right direction). Your book cover includes your front cover, back cover and spine, and must be designed to meet required printing specifications. If you have used another designer, but your book does not meet the required specifications for printing, we are also able to modify your book cover to meet the requirements. 



Kindle Direct Publishing set-up

£55 for paperback / £35 for e-book / £80 for both


Currently, KDP still remains our favourite print on demand platform that we advise our clients to use for paperback & e-book publishing (Createspace & KDP have now merged). We offer free advice about how to use this platform; however, if you’re still struggling and would like us to complete the set-up process for you, we are able to do so for the fees stipulated above.

Require all of our publishing services? Ask about our subscription packages.