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The Process of Sonship

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Over the years, the term Sonship has become more widely used within the church universal. Many leaders within the Body of Christ are recognising that there is a call in the spirit for the sons of God to arise. Many understand that these sons will do the Father’s will and carry an authority such as Jesus did on the earth. However, what many don’t know, is where these sons will come from or how they will rise up. This book identifies God’s pattern for raising up His leaders. To become a son of God we must endure the Father’s process of Sonship - there is no other way. Within these pages the Father has revealed exactly how He desires to transform His leaders into the sons of God all creation has been groaning for, so that the rest His body might also rise up. This book identifies:

  • The journey from spiritual birth to adulthood
  • The purpose of God’s headship gifts 
  • The 4 leadership training sets
  • The sufferings and blessings of obedience
  • The difference between kingship office and priesthood ministry.

This book is the Father’s gift to His Fivefold Ministers. If you receive it, then open up these pages and allow Him to take you through His process.

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