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Our aim is to help make your dream a practical reality. Whether you want to start operating as a sole trader, set up a company limited by guarantee or a registered charity – we can help. We support small businesses and organisations from the conception phase through to the day to day running.


We can:

  • Help you choose the right structure for your business / ministry

  • Assist you in writing a business, development or project plan

  • File your confirmation statement on your behalf

  • Prepare your company's accounts for filing

  • Help you to set up and manage social media accounts, business emails, merchant accounts etc.

  • Provide and create templates for you to use

  • Create/manage your website


For more information or to request an individual job, email




Consultancy - 

£60 per hour


Start-Up Fee -



Filing Company Confirmation Statement - £40

Preparing Company Accounts - 5% of annual turnover

Filing Company Accounts (Including Dormant) - £100


Social Media / Merchant / Email Set up -

£20 per job


Templates -


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