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Welcome to Pura Track! 


Whether the Lord is leading you to self-publish a book or start a business and/or ministry, our passion is to help YOU fulfil your passion. We provide business development and self-publishing services to help you do what God is calling you to do.


You don't have to do this thing alone... let us help you succeed! 

About Torema Thompson

(Founder & Director)

Torema founded Pura Track in February 2015 and remains dedicated to helping others fulfil the will of God for their lives. She has over a decade of experience in the UK community sector, working her skills across numerous different roles in the industry.


In addition to her current work here at Pura Track, Torema is also an athlete, author and coach. She is the ministry director of  Pura*T International, a cross-cultural ministry focused on raising fivefold ministers to sonship; and overseer of Believers on Track, a social movement with a mission to make disciples of a track & field nation.


To find out more about Torema, or to invite her to speak visit: www.toremathompson.uk

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