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Hey Sis, welcome to Pura Track! 


My name is Torema Thompson and I am Managing Director here at Pura Track. Whether the Lord is leading you to self-publish a book and/or start a business and/or ministry, our passion is to help YOU fulfil your passion. I know what it's like to have a promise from God and not know how you're going to get there or where your next source of income is going to come from for your bills, let alone the venture He's calling you to. I know what it's like to walk by faith and trust God to bring you into the fulfillment of the vision.


Pura Track is designed to support women like you, women walking by faith and in obedience to the Lord. We provide quality services at reduced rates and with flexible payment plans to help you do what God is calling you to do.

The Story Behind Pura Track

The Lord led me to establish Pura Track, in February 2015, as a social enterprise company limited by guarantee. At that time, I was amidst the hardest season of my life - estranged from my husband with divorce in process (yet the Lord had promised restoration). Although I had been a social entrepreneur since I was 19 years old (2009), the Lord had led me into part-time employment in September 2012, and by 2015 I was working full time in that primary school. Nevertheless, the Lord was only just getting started with my process. Following a series of dreams, the Lord led me to leave my employment at the end of that school year, and the only thing I knew was that I would be completing my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification in the coming September.

So, I completed that course and qualified as a personal trainer; however, since the course was fulltime, I did not make any money that month and for the first time in my life I found myself overdrawn and unable to pay any of my bills. Since my husband left, I was used to not having much as far as finances go; nevertheless, this was a new level and I had to learn to humble myself and ask for help from the Body of Christ (when the Lord led me to) and trust Him to provide in many different ways. Since I came to Christ, the Lord had given me a vision and a passion to be a provider in the Body of Christ, but during this season He wanted to teach me that HE was MY provider and what it was like to be on the receiving/needing end. 


September 2015 to December 2018 were what I call my "prison" season. Though the Lord had given me a vision as a millionnaire entrepreneur, this was the furthest from my experience during this season. Instead, He had me freelance for other companies during this season, serving their ventures and seeing them prosper through the work He would have me do, yet unable to see any fruit in the area of my personal ventures or finances. 


Since 2019, I have been in fulltime entrepreneurship - but still in a place of waiting to see the promises of God fulfilled in my finances and marriage. Over the decade leading up to this, the Lord has trained me extensively and I have acquired numerous skills and experience in the non-profit, education, self-publishing, sport and fitness arenas. I am currently a trustee of 2 charities (one of which houses my ministries - Pura*T International & Believers on Track), a 100m sprinter, blogger, YouTuber and the author of 7 published books to date. I am super passionate about helping others to discover WHO they are, WHAT they're called to do and HOW they're called to do it. I believe that in order for us to walk in God's perfect will for our lives, we must live a life of "#ObedienceOverAppearance", where we are obedient no matter what it looks like (or what we look like) and no matter what it costs. 

To find out more about me, or to invite me to speak at your event, feel free to visit my blog: www.toremathompson.uk