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Welcome to Pura Track! 


Whether the Lord is leading you to self-publish a book or start a business and/or ministry, our passion is to help YOU fulfil your passion. We provide business development and self-publishing services to help you do what God is calling you to do.


You don't have to do this thing alone... let us help you succeed! 

About Torema Thompson

(Director & Consultant)

Torema founded Pura Track in 2015 and remains dedicated to helping others to fulfill the will of God for their lives.


In addition to her work as a consultant, she is also an England international sprinter, personal trainer, children's author and founder of  Pura*T International, a cross-cultural ministry focused on raising fivefold ministers to sonship; and Believers on Track, a social movement with a mission to make disciples of a track & field nation.


To find out more about Torema, or to invite her to speak visit: www.toremathompson.uk